Exposure of the female reproductive tract to either seminal plasma or fluid component of the ejaculate is beneficial to achieving successful embryo implantation and normal embryo development. But whether the “physical” component of sexual intercourse during the peri-transfer period have any influence on frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) pregnancy outcomes is not clear. We conducted a...
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High childhood BMI is strongly associated with obesity and cardiometabolic disease and mortality in adulthood. Children conceived after FET have a higher risk of being born large for gestational age (LGA) than children conceived after NC. It is well-documented that being born LGA is associated with an increased risk of obesity in childhood, and it...
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The Future Is Coming: Artificial Intelligence in the Treatment of Infertility Could Improve Assisted Reproduction Outcomes—The Value of Regulatory Frameworks. Infertility is a global health issue affecting women and men of reproductive age with increasing incidence worldwide, in part due to greater awareness and better diagnosis. Assisted reproduction technologies (ART) are considered the ultimate step...
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Background An explosive increase in couples attending assisted reproductive technology has been recently observed, despite an overall success rate of about 20%–30%. Considering the assisted reproductive technology-related economic and psycho-social costs, the improvement of these percentages is extremely relevant. However, in the identification of predictive markers of assisted reproductive technology success, male parameters are largely...
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The Sperm Tracer

Sperm Tracer is a unique AI technological software that supports fertility experts and embryologists to evaluate, in real-time, the best sperm for ICSI procedures.

Each embryo carries 50% of the genetic information of an oocyte and 50% of a sperm. Every single sperm participating with 50% of the DNA cargo of the embryo, could play a detrimental role for the embryo itself and its quality.

If you believe you are among the pioneers, we may be able to help you reach even higher.

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