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Unique AI sperm selection in real-time for ICSI 


We have developed a unique machine learning tool, to assess every single sperm non-invasively, based on motility and morphology contemporary.

The program’s sophisticated algorithms are designed to process thousands of data and thus constantly improve their results by developing day by day.

With the help of Sperm Tracer, the embryologists will be able to evaluate their own choices and provide an accurate classification confirmed by you, the expert, before using it for ICSI.


Our technology analyzes numerous sperm features and recognizes different kinematics motility and morphological aspects of spermatozoa. It then combines several parameters such as size, shape, ratio and other characteristics of each sperm and the Deep Convolutional Neural Network correlates all this data with the sperm quality. Many of them are undetectable to the naked eye – even by experienced embryologists. 

A unique powered-by machine learning tool

Our edge over the competition

A high - tech tool for Embryologists

  • Unique real-time sperm selection for ICSI
  • User-friendly and easy to set up software
  • Time efficient for the embryologists, even in clinics with high workload
  • Reduces the pressure on embryologists to choose the best sperm for ICSI
  • Totally non-invasive procedure
  • Better process for sperm selection based on multiple criteria

A competitive advantage for the clinics

  • A high quality service with cutting edge Al technology for your patients
  • An additional tool in difficult ICSI cases
  • No extra costs for hardware or investments for the clinics
  • Improved control for your laboratory
  • Visual interpretation with printed report of the selected spermatozoa for ICSI
  • The live sperm assessment could help your patients counselling

How it works

Sperm Tracer can be used in assisted reproduction clinics to optimize its results by selecting the best sperm for fertilization. It can measure motility parameters and also analyze the morphology of the selected sperm. Sperm motility measurement requires low magnification to have a large field of view.

On the other hand, morphology needs a higher magnification to make visible more details of the spermatozoa. Each function, motility and morphology, can be used both individually and in combination to give the best results based on the semen quality and embryologists’ needs.

Don't Settle for Half the Picture

Our advanced algorithms don’t just identify the top-performing sperm in a given sample regarding motility – they do so much more. By also comparing these motile selected sperm to a “normal range” sample, we gain invaluable insights into their quality. In simple words, identifying the best motile spermatozoa in a semen sample may not necessarily reflect their true value, that they are the best in absolute terms, if they cannot be benchmarked against specific standards.

With this comprehensive data at our fingertips, we’re better equipped to assess the effectiveness of fertility treatments and pinpoint any potential male-related fertility issues. Our cutting-edge technology gives our users maximum advantages when it comes to sperm motility analysis.

Motile sperm doesn't mean normal sperm

When it comes to sperm analysis, it’s easy to get caught up in motility alone. But don’t forget that morphology is just as important or even more important. Studies have shown that sperm morphology can impact not only fertilization rates, but also embryo quality and pregnancy rates. Don’t settle for half the picture – choose a solution that takes both into account. Try Sperm Tracer, the revolutionary new software that analyzes both sperm motility and morphology for a more complete understanding of fertility potential.

Two side engagement:

Artificial Intelligence (Al) and human Knowledge

The more you work with Sperm Tracer, the more efficient you will become at sperm selection
Three options based on semen quality and embryologists' needs

The choice is yours


First Option

Sperm Tracer selection based on motility patterns including preliminary morphology analysis. The best spermatozoa, at the rank moment, are immediately cycled with different colors and displayed on the screen.


Second Option

In cases with immotile, very slow or twitching movements the embryologists can directly use the morphological option analysis, by using a higher magnification, based on the system setup.

Motility & Morphology

Third Option

It provides a full analysis, including both kinematics sperm patterns and morphology parameters. The total score is shown as a horizontal gradient color bar including also the motility ranking.

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