October 11, 2023
US regulators will consider clinical trials of a system that mimics the womb, which could reduce deaths and disability for babies born extremely preterm. A hairless, pale-skinned lamb lies on its side in what appears to be an oversized sandwich bag filled with hazy fluid. Its eyes are closed, and its snout and limbs jerk...
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The Sperm Tracer

Sperm Tracer is a unique AI technological software that supports fertility experts and embryologists to evaluate, in real-time, the best sperm for ICSI procedures.

Each embryo carries 50% of the genetic information of an oocyte and 50% of a sperm. Every single sperm participating with 50% of the DNA cargo of the embryo, could play a detrimental role for the embryo itself and its quality.

If you believe you are among the pioneers, we may be able to help you reach even higher.

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