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First time in our labs. Motility and Morphology together
Artificial Intelligence Technology. Designed from Embryologists for Embryologists
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) could change the world

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What we do

Sperm Tracer is a unique AI technological software that supports fertility experts and embryologists to evaluate, in real-time, the best sperm for ICSI procedures.

The App improves further the sperm selection process independently of the quality of the samples or the routine preparation techniques.

Given the complementary nature of prediction, the method informs the last and most critical stage of sperm selection.

New Technology

ReproScientifics developed a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence & Big Data to improve the fertility labs outcomes through automation.

The software with the full sperm analysis during ICSI, goes beyond simple algorithms and we enter into something bigger that will be able to meet today’s need of modern fertility field.


Motility & Morphology

Today, motility and morphology during ICSI are performed entirely manually, with inherent subjectivity, inconsistency and limitations based on the users’ experience, training and skills.

Sperm Tracer selects the most suitable spermatozoa based on motility and morphology which are direct reflections of the overall outcome.

Sperm selection techniques

Either you are using the classical – gold standard density gradient centrifugation (DGC) and swim-up or new advanced and emerging sperm selection techniques such as hyaluronic acid (HA), microfluidic sorting systems or magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS) the Sperm Tracer can be used in assisted reproduction clinics to optimize its results by selecting the best sperm just before ICSI.

Deep Neural Network-DNN

The App is not based on traditional statistical methods but on Machine Learning (ML) technology. What makes it better? Our algorithm architecture (DNN) not only classifies each sperm more accurately but also represents the data independently.

The analysis

The whole process can be performed in real-time for every single oocyte injected and the embryologists have the opportunity to use their experience and skills together with the help of artificial intelligence, to select the best sperm for their patients.

Advanced Scientists require next-level Technology


The purpose of Sperm Tracer is NOT to substitute Embryologists.

It’s to have a valuable tool and make sperm selection during ICSI easier by using high-end technology.

Sperm Tracer: Leading the Way with Cutting - Edge Technology

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